What is this?

This is my personal website. The main purpose of this website is to have a place where I can share my thoughts and projects with others. I want it to be a place to share my learnings. It’s a space designed for exchanging knowledge amd conversations with others who share similar interests. Feel free to explore and reach out if you’re curious about a collaboration or just want to chat.

Why not to use a social network or GitHub?

I have a GitHub account, and I use it to share my code and projects. In fact, this website is hosted on GitHub Pages. However, a web page offers more flexibility (e.g. I can use LaTeX to write my posts) and customizability than a GitHub repository. I don’t want to be tied to a social network (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). I want to have full control over the content, distribution, and presentation of what I share. Also, this makes my content publicly indexed by search engines and available for everyone, even if they don’t have an account on a social network.

Who am I?

Some info about me:

  • My name is Eduardo González Sánchez. I was born in Madrid in 1996.
  • I’m a physicist (or at least, I have a BSc and MSc in Physics). My focus during my studies was mainly theoretical physics, but I’m slowly moving towards applied physics and engineering.
  • I’m currently doing a PhD at ETH Zurich, mainly doing research on how to control Electrical Discharge Machining machines with learning-based methods.
  • I speak Spanish, English, and I’m currently (but slowly) learning German.
  • I currently live in Zurich, but I also spend some time in Madrid.
  • I like to explore the Swiss Alps with my mountain bike.¨

My interests

Some keywords related to my interests:

  • Physics
  • Complex systems
  • Information theory
  • Machine learning
  • Self-organization and emergence
  • Physics of computation
  • Quantum computing
  • Philosophy of science
  • Video games
  • Mountain biking
  • Robotics

If you want to know what I look like, here I am on holidays in Mallorca (a very nice island, by the way):


Mailing list

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